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 Welcome to the 2nd Nature & Sports Euro'Meet - Liptovsky Mikulas 2013 - October, 2 to 4 (Slovakia)


Tradition has it that during the meetings of tourism and sports activities such as the organizer of the current edition passes the baton to the next. As a result, during the concluding plenary session of October 8, 2011, the indicator will be transmitted between Communuty of Annecy and the town of Liptovsky Mikulas (Slovakia).Plus d'infos



ENOS Experiences : The first European tool for gathering and sharing experiences in Outdoor sports !


Presented at the 1st Nature & Sports  Euro'Meet in Annecy in October, the database: ENOS Experiences (European Network Outdoor Sports Experiences) is now online. This database is available from this website, under "Experience".


ENOS Experiences is a tool for collecting and sharing of experiences of the European network of outdoor sports. Experiences identified are carried out by the stakeholders of  sustainable and managed development of outdoor sports for all.


ENOS Experiences has the features Search / Look-up and file experiences:

- The search engine allows you to search single or multiple criteria;
- Anyone can propose to enhance the database of his or her experiences (publishing subject to validation by the national resource center of outdoor sports, administrator  of ENOS Experiences).

This database is a tool for sharing and for the promotion of your projects.  We invite you to discover and incorporate your or your projects.

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Les Immanquables - Nature & Sports Euro'Meet Annecy 2011 by MONTAGNETV


Recommendations for a strategic development of outdoor sports in Europe : Synthesis

During 4 days, close to 500 Europeans representatives of the Network of Outdoor sports (Tourism, Environment, Sports, territorial development) exchanged information about their professional activities, formulated a shared knowledge and agreed on recommandations for a better consideration of outdoor sports in european policies. The objective of this synthesis is to promote the results of the workshops held in the Nature and Sports Euromeet, Annecy 2011. Do not hesitate to forward  and to send  comments  to be discussed in the next Nature & Sports Euromeet in Liptovsky Mikulas – Slovack Republic on October 2013.

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Nature & Sports Euro'Meet, Annecy 2011 - Facts and figures !


Following the work of the 1st Nature & Sports Euro'Meet, Annecy 2011, recommendations were drafted by theme seminar experts from themed to promote the mastered development of outdoor sports for all  in Europe. While awaiting the full version of these recommendations and the results of this first European edition, please first discovering the many things to Facts and figures !

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 Discover the program of Nature & Sports Euro'Meet, Annecy 2011


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Discover the Round Table on the concept of outdoor sports in Europe



The conference should try to answer the following question: « can we imagine a common European base that considers the diversity of outdoor sports, their practices and their organisationPlus d'infos ?"







An event coordinated by the European steering committee of the Nature & Sports Euro'Meet

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